Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Vacation...Sweet Vacation!

We're back! What a fun vacation. It was a super busy week but we all had a great time! The kids did so great and I think they would rather live in a hotel than thier own house. Jacob loved sleeping in the "big" bed and Jackson was right at home in his usual spot on the floor! I'm beginning to wonder if he'll ever sleep in a bed again! It was really special to watch them meeting thier Gigi (that's great-grandma) for the first time and they settled in like they have been there all thier lives. We meet a whole host of relatives and friends, played ball in the yard, toured the Kohler showroom, walked in the gardens at the hotel/resort, went to a Brewers game in Milwaukee, etc, etc......

The best part (one that I am paying for now by being on a strict rice and steamed veggies diet) was the food! We ate and we ate and we ate!

Now, of course, there is laundry to get caught up on, routines to settle back into, LOTS of sewing to finish and more! A small price to pay for a great vacation!!

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