Tuesday, April 29, 2008

**Free Shipping All Week**

If you love getting packages in the mail but hate paying the shipping then now is your time to shop! All items in both shops, Zwei Baby and J2 Designs, are shipping free all this week!
Free Shipping ends on Friday though so don't wait too long!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New and Improved

Diaper Bag Organizers are back! Formerly know as the Busy Baby Diaper Bag Organizer these little numbers have been reworked and polished up to make for any even better way to keep your diaper change essentials at hand!
This new version takes your changing mat and wraps up all the necessities inside! Sized to carry like a clutch it quickly unfolds to reveal a pocket for holding your diapers and wipes as well as enough room to lay baby down on a comfy padded changing mat too! A super strong snap keeps it all wrapped up.
Organizers in an assortment of fabrics are available in the Etsy Shop and lots of more fun fabrics are on the way!

Playoffs Game 1

Sunday was a big day for our little family! The Orlando Magic played their first playoff game at home and I took the boys! It was their first basketball game and was a big hit. In a break from the norm...Jacob was completely mesmerized by the action, enjoying his popcorn and watching Stuff (the mascot). Jackson, who I think was just a little tired, was not crazy about the pyrotechnics at the opening of the game and really didn't appreciate all the noise! Both the boys thought it was great to see daddy at his work and loved walking around the concourse watching all the action!
I see many, many, many more games in our future!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Grab N Go Tissue Packs

Love that tissue cozy but hate searching for it at the bottom of your purse?
Me too....so now I don't have too! These adorable tissue holders have a velcro strap that attaches to just about anywhere you can think of. Keep it on the strap of your diaper bag, gym bag, purse...attach it to your stroller, gear shift and the list goes on and on.
Limited amounts are available in the shoppe today and more will be listed over the next few days!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Etsy Gift Guides

**Edited - It's sold!**
If your not aware of the Gift Guides, it's a great collection of items picked by the Etsy Staff and put into nice sections for easy shopping!
This Sherbert Crib Quilt was just recently added to the Baby section! Best of all it's on Sale this week! If you love the fabric it's also currently available as a Play Dot too.

One bus, one monkey and a fire truck.....

OK...so I don't actually have a picture of the bus but it certainly deserves it's place in the title as a five minute bus ride from one parking lot to another can be a great source of excitement for three year olds!
We had a great family weekend which started with a visit to the WMFE (our local PBS station) Open House on Saturday! They had advertised that a great assortment of celebrities would be there including Curious George, Word Girl, Clifford the Big Red Dog and Maya and Miguel!
The boys were very excited to see Curious George and even gave him hugs and high five's!
Now, for those of you who don't know... that's saying a lot for two little boys who appreciate large stuffed moving animals/people/characters more from afar and less from up close!
After pictures we stopped for a little bit of crafting and made some adorable Family Tree's (I'll post the pictures asap) and then made a quick stop by the fire truck before we left.

A good time was had by all.....

Friday, April 11, 2008

New Dots....

These two little lovelies are available in the shop today! The Alexander Henry Asian print is a beautiful choice for little girls and what little boy wouldn't love a fun Pirate place to sit, lay, play!
Looking for a fun new baby gift? Pick something original...pick a Play Dot.

The Kitchen Sink....

A great mix of just about everything....this patchwork blanket is so adorable! She's been listed and is available in the shop. Sized at 26 x 20 this little blanket is ready for just about anything. Perfect in the stroller, car seat and great for nap time.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Scene One....Take Two

Here's my new little adventure! It's by no means a replacement for my beloved Zwei Baby but simply a fun, new addition. I've just finished getting the blog set up as well as the new
Etsy Shoppe. I'm starting out listing the Scrabble Pendants and will slowly be adding Key Rings, Magnet Sets, Zipper Pulls and some beautiful glass pieces as well.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A MAGICal Day!!

On Sunday I took the boys to visit daddy at an event and we had the opportunity to take a tour of the Orlando Magic team plane! Really cool..huh? The boys certainly thought so and were unbelievably excited to actually be seeing a plane up close. They had a chance to meet the pilot and look around the cockpit (Jacob was very impressed with all the buttons and immediately wanted to know if there were cartoons on the little tv (a screen of some sort). They each took turns sitting in the different players seats and talking with the stewardess.
We also had the opportunity to take a look at one very large helicopter owned by the Magic's team owner! It was so big and blue. The boys were completely amazed!

A quick hotdog and chips afterwards and we were back on the road so daddy could get back to work. It was a GREAT day for all of us!!

Catching up...

I've been meaning to post these pictures for some time but well...you know...times flies!

We had such a great time this year for Easter. They boys participated in quite a few egg hunts and enjoyed each one equally. They received several boxes in the mail full of goodies from great-grandmothers, great-aunts, uncles and other equally loved family members! In the Easter box from their Mimi and Papa they got the most adorable Easter baskets (handmade and filled with goodies of course) and they instantly feel in love with them. We used them for every egg hunt!

**on another note..these were the last pictures taken before Jackson got his cast off. He's all healed up and still running strong!