Thursday, October 18, 2007

So I found this little video today on one of the blogs I love to read and it was hysterical so I thought I would share! Normally I don't click to watch videos because my blog reading time is usually very slim but today I thought why not. There is of course a million other things I should have been doing, like making patterns for the boys Halloween costumes (coming soon!) but I'm so glad I got this good laugh in today!


Monday, October 8, 2007

Patchwork Placemat Tutorial

I know I've mentioned before that I hoped to include a tutorial or two along the way and while that may have been quite awhile's tutorial #1!
This is my first tutorial so hopefully it will be easy to follow! I'm always open to comments and suggestions! I would like to do more of these so any feedback to improve them as I go would be much appreciated!
I am so in love with all things patchwork right now so I figured this Placemat Tutorial would be appropriate! So let's get started.....

*Fabric for front of placemat (I used linen here)
*Fabric for back of placemat (I used a chocolate brown quilter's cotton)
*4-5 coordinating fabrics for the patchwork piece
*Fabric for the lining (I used a cotton fleece for a softer more flexible placemat)

*Cut 1 piece of your front fabric measuring 19" x 8" and one measuring 19" x 2"
*Cut 1 piece of your back fabric measuring 19" x 14"
*Cut 1 piece of your lining fabric measuring 19" x 14"
*Cut 17 pieces from your coordinating fabrics each measuring 4" x 2"


Determine your desired pattern for your patchwork. Take your first two pieces and place them right sides together. Pin and sew down one long side with 1/4 to 1/2 inch seam allowance. **Please note...the less seam allowance you use will result in a little more trimming of the edges when you piece your patchwork to the main pieces.** Thanks Lisa for bringing that to my attention!!

Remove the pin, lay the two fabrics open and press the seam on the back to one side. Flip it over and press again. Continue this with each patchwork piece until you have them all together in one long piece.

With right sides together lay your 19" x 8" piece of front fabric on top of the patchwork piece matching up the top edge of your patchwork piece with the bottom edge of the 19" x 8" piece. Stitch the long edge together with a 1/4 inch seam. Repeat this process with the bottom edge of your patchwork piece lined up right sides together with the top edge of the 19" x 2" piece. After both sides are attached use your iron to press the seam edges on the back as well as pressing down the front.
Your almost finished!!
Pin the 19" x 14" piece of lining to the wrong side of your completed placemat front. Match up and pin (right sides together) the 19" x 14" piece of backing fabric with the completed placemat front. **Once you've done this you should see your backing fabric on one side and the lining fabric on the other with the placemat front sandwiched in between.**
Leaving an approx. 4 inch opening stitch all the way around the placemat with a 1/2 inch seam.
Trim the corners and pull your fabrics right side out through the opening! Press the entire placemat with your iron, fold in the fabric at your opening and sew a finishing stitch all the way around the placemat. I like to sew a second stitch about a 1/2 inch in around the entire placemat as well.
That's it! These are great for the holidays, everyday, hostess or housewarming gifts, etc....

Coming an Etsy near you!

There are a few items I've had available on the regular TwinMommy website for awhile now that I am very happy to be getting ready to offer on the Etsy site as well!

The adorable pants pictured above are the Baby Bunz! They are super comfy Carter's wide leg baby pants in soft white cotton with an adorable patch of fabric added to the backside in a perfect location for showing off baby's best asset! These are great for boys and girls alike and make for a really cute boy/girl twins gift when paired with the little girls Ruffler Onesie!

The Brooks Diaper Bag has been a very popular pick for some time now so it only makes sense to offer it on the Etsy site as well! Made with mommies of multiple children in mind...this bag features four smaller pockets across the front (perfect for bottles, sippy's and a water bottle for mom) and a large pocket across the back with lots of room for crayons, books, etc! Inside the bag are four more pockets for diapers, wipes, cell phone etc and a key fob for attaching you car keys. The closure can be done with a matching grosgrain ribbon or magnetic snaps!

Best of all, this bag is quilted for stability with a hard bottom insert that can be removed and the entire bag can be WASHED!

Farewell to a much loved Paci!

I love this picture so I thought I would include it in our salute to the much loved pacifier! This is my sister-in-law with Jackson on a recent Disney trip. It is one of the last pictures we have of Jackson and his paci!
It's just been over a week since we lost the last pacifier and so far so good! Josh and I promised ourselves we wouldn't buy anymore and when the last one went.....that would be it! So shortly before bedtime we noticed we had misplaced the paci and of course we panicked. After looking everywhere we decided to send him to bed with the "scissor paci" as he calls it (I cut the tip off of it) and it only took a moment for that particular paci to come flying back at my head and the screams for his regular paci to start. Fortunately he was really tired so it only took a short period of crying for him to give up!
Nap time the next day was a different story but after another two days he just quit asking altogether!
We have been pleasantly surprised at how well and how quickly he has adjusted to not having it!