Monday, October 8, 2007

Patchwork Placemat Tutorial

I know I've mentioned before that I hoped to include a tutorial or two along the way and while that may have been quite awhile's tutorial #1!
This is my first tutorial so hopefully it will be easy to follow! I'm always open to comments and suggestions! I would like to do more of these so any feedback to improve them as I go would be much appreciated!
I am so in love with all things patchwork right now so I figured this Placemat Tutorial would be appropriate! So let's get started.....

*Fabric for front of placemat (I used linen here)
*Fabric for back of placemat (I used a chocolate brown quilter's cotton)
*4-5 coordinating fabrics for the patchwork piece
*Fabric for the lining (I used a cotton fleece for a softer more flexible placemat)

*Cut 1 piece of your front fabric measuring 19" x 8" and one measuring 19" x 2"
*Cut 1 piece of your back fabric measuring 19" x 14"
*Cut 1 piece of your lining fabric measuring 19" x 14"
*Cut 17 pieces from your coordinating fabrics each measuring 4" x 2"


Determine your desired pattern for your patchwork. Take your first two pieces and place them right sides together. Pin and sew down one long side with 1/4 to 1/2 inch seam allowance. **Please note...the less seam allowance you use will result in a little more trimming of the edges when you piece your patchwork to the main pieces.** Thanks Lisa for bringing that to my attention!!

Remove the pin, lay the two fabrics open and press the seam on the back to one side. Flip it over and press again. Continue this with each patchwork piece until you have them all together in one long piece.

With right sides together lay your 19" x 8" piece of front fabric on top of the patchwork piece matching up the top edge of your patchwork piece with the bottom edge of the 19" x 8" piece. Stitch the long edge together with a 1/4 inch seam. Repeat this process with the bottom edge of your patchwork piece lined up right sides together with the top edge of the 19" x 2" piece. After both sides are attached use your iron to press the seam edges on the back as well as pressing down the front.
Your almost finished!!
Pin the 19" x 14" piece of lining to the wrong side of your completed placemat front. Match up and pin (right sides together) the 19" x 14" piece of backing fabric with the completed placemat front. **Once you've done this you should see your backing fabric on one side and the lining fabric on the other with the placemat front sandwiched in between.**
Leaving an approx. 4 inch opening stitch all the way around the placemat with a 1/2 inch seam.
Trim the corners and pull your fabrics right side out through the opening! Press the entire placemat with your iron, fold in the fabric at your opening and sew a finishing stitch all the way around the placemat. I like to sew a second stitch about a 1/2 inch in around the entire placemat as well.
That's it! These are great for the holidays, everyday, hostess or housewarming gifts, etc....


Jennifer Fleming said...

How about you just make some for me and i pay you.... you are awesome!

TwinMommy said...

We can do that too Jennifer!

London Mummy said...

Great tutorial Heather and I love your autumnal colours.

TwinMommy said...

thanks london mummy! These have been such fun to make!

imri said...

Hi i think you moved to anthoer place, but anyway thsnkd for a great tutorial.
this is what i did with it-