Monday, September 24, 2007

Two Treasuries! I excited! After a quick peek at the treasury on Etsy this morning I noticed that I am featured in TWO treasuries!! Thanks ladies for including me. The first treasury includes my Kiwi Dreams Gift Set and the second includes my Meadow Flowers Mini Quilt.
What a great way to start the day!
Now it's off to the eye doctor but I'll have more posts later today!

Oh....and a very BIG CONGRATULATIONS to George and Laura on the birth of their baby boy! We are so happy for you!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A boy and his paci....

and his blanket too! When the boys were just babies we spent what now seems like a ridiculous amount of time trying to "help" them learn to keep their paci's in their mouths. I never imagined that process would bring us to this point.
Proving to us in yet another way that they are very different....Jacob isn't now nor has he really ever been attached to a "lovie" of any sort. Jackson, on the other hand, has many loves in his life....including the two that he brought into the car on our trip to the Science Center! I noticed the blanket coming with him and that's OK by me but it wasn't until we stopped at a red light and I turned to take a picture for a post about our trip that day that I noticed he had snuck out the paci as well. (Side Note: I couldn't help but be bothered by the word "snuck" so I did a little research and would like to clarify that the correct word to use would be "sneaked" as the past tense for sneak.....aren't you proud mom!)
So here we are at almost 3 and because he's not allowed to have it unless it's nap time or bed time, I just can't figure out how he got it (considering I keep it in a kitchen cabinet...makes me wonder if he's got a secret stash) or how he managed to get it in his pocket, get into the car and get it out of his pocket without me noticing!
Of course once I turned to take the picture and HE saw that I saw the paci...he knew he was busted and threw it on the floor.
I think he just likes to carry it around...after all, you never know when you may need a little "lovie"!

What I need....

I'm really sorry Nate if your seeing this...just look away quickly and the sting won't last as long!
This clutter is the reason I need this!
I found these great Car Litter Bags by Allyson Hill on Etsy and think they are such a great idea. Of course being a crafty girl I figured I would just make my own version...but who's got time for that!
So now the time has come...I'm ordering one this week! The hard part will be choosing a fabric! The car will be so tidy and I know of at least two Larson men who will be so happy!

You Can Call Me Al!

Frankly, I'm more than a little disappointed in myself and shocked just a bit that here we are, three games into the college football season and THIS is my FIRST Alabama post! Shame, Shame, Shame. we can move on!
In the Roll Tide spirit (that's the University of Alabama for those of you who (gasp) may not know) I decided this was the perfect time of year to add a sweet little elephant to the collection! Sadly, the above pictured elephant has been replaced (ssshhh...she doesn't know yet). I'll have pictures of the improved version up soon.
Meanwhile, this little Pinafore dress is just adorable with the elephant attached and now I have to find a sweet little girl who needs a great new dress to help cheer on her team!


Custom Orders....Round Two!

These sweet little ladies are part of the second installment of a really fun custom order! Matched with a pretty floral and grassy green they have been lots of fun to put together and I think they turned out adorable! I'm not sure what they'll be filled with or where they may find themselves but I have no doubt that these ladies will bring a real sense of fun to any location! They'll be leaving this week ..... so long ladies, it's been a pleasure!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Praise to the Toddler Nap

I'll say it now and I'm sure it will be repeated many times as the months go on...... WHAT am I going to do when the kids stop napping?

I can't help but ask myself this everytime I'm at the sewing machine feeling really productive while the kids are napping. I'm sure that using nap time for sewing will be replaced with sewing while their at preschool and there is no reason to panic but...I just can't help but think about it everytime!

So today while I was being productive I finished up an order of Monogrammed Hooded Towels. They came out just adorable. There is just something fun about monogrammed items!

I also found the time to sew together a couple of quilt fronts! I've had the squares ready for what seems like a lifetime and I have just been dying to get these together. Now I just have to add the batting and backing, quilt them together and viola! last thing..I couldn't help but put together another Ruffler too! I love the way the Green Tea fabric looks for the flower. Lucky little girls!

Monkeying Around

The boys and I headed out of the house this past weekend to give daddy a little quiet football time and somehow we ended up at Monkey Joe's AGAIN!

The boys always love it and get more adventurous each time (yikes)! That is until "Monkey Joe" makes his appearance and then it's straight to mommy yelling "mommy carry" (yes...both of them) and screaming at Monkey Joe to "go to bed".

Playing of course promptly resumes once the monkey has made his exit!

I love looking at these pictures of them playing and seeing the determination in their faces...everything is serious business for a 2 1/2 year old...even playing!

Friday, September 7, 2007


I'm up way past my bedtime tonight and just had to make a quick stop by my Etsy shop before sleepy time and look what I found!!!
It's my first Etsy treasury feature!! This treasury was put together by a customer from a few months ago and I am so excited that she picked my blanket! You can view the entire treasury here:
Whoo off to bed! Happy weekend everyone....