Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A boy and his paci....

and his blanket too! When the boys were just babies we spent what now seems like a ridiculous amount of time trying to "help" them learn to keep their paci's in their mouths. I never imagined that process would bring us to this point.
Proving to us in yet another way that they are very different....Jacob isn't now nor has he really ever been attached to a "lovie" of any sort. Jackson, on the other hand, has many loves in his life....including the two that he brought into the car on our trip to the Science Center! I noticed the blanket coming with him and that's OK by me but it wasn't until we stopped at a red light and I turned to take a picture for a post about our trip that day that I noticed he had snuck out the paci as well. (Side Note: I couldn't help but be bothered by the word "snuck" so I did a little research and would like to clarify that the correct word to use would be "sneaked" as the past tense for sneak.....aren't you proud mom!)
So here we are at almost 3 and because he's not allowed to have it unless it's nap time or bed time, I just can't figure out how he got it (considering I keep it in a kitchen cabinet...makes me wonder if he's got a secret stash) or how he managed to get it in his pocket, get into the car and get it out of his pocket without me noticing!
Of course once I turned to take the picture and HE saw that I saw the paci...he knew he was busted and threw it on the floor.
I think he just likes to carry it around...after all, you never know when you may need a little "lovie"!

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Anonymous said...


I am sooooo proud of my nephew!!!

Let me make myself perfectly clear, I am not (necessarily) proud of his need to maintain a "lovie" BUT I am absolutely proud of his "sneakiness". Look that word up and tell his the proper tense!!!!

I know that we have had minimal amounts of time to discuss this behaviour, but that is soooooo awesome. Next time the boys are in monkey town, I will have to reward Jackson.

Anyway, we havent laughed that hard in a while. I appreciate the post and if there is anything that I can do to encourage this behaviour, call me.

Stephen and the ladies.
You know that they are not "girls" any more!!!