Monday, October 8, 2007

Farewell to a much loved Paci!

I love this picture so I thought I would include it in our salute to the much loved pacifier! This is my sister-in-law with Jackson on a recent Disney trip. It is one of the last pictures we have of Jackson and his paci!
It's just been over a week since we lost the last pacifier and so far so good! Josh and I promised ourselves we wouldn't buy anymore and when the last one went.....that would be it! So shortly before bedtime we noticed we had misplaced the paci and of course we panicked. After looking everywhere we decided to send him to bed with the "scissor paci" as he calls it (I cut the tip off of it) and it only took a moment for that particular paci to come flying back at my head and the screams for his regular paci to start. Fortunately he was really tired so it only took a short period of crying for him to give up!
Nap time the next day was a different story but after another two days he just quit asking altogether!
We have been pleasantly surprised at how well and how quickly he has adjusted to not having it!

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