Friday, August 31, 2007

Ice Cream Sprinkles

Isn't she lovely......?

I honestly thought I would just sort through my fabric today! You know....color coordinate, cut down scraps into quilt pieces, etc...and then I found this ice cream fabric. I loved it the first time I used and think I may love it even more this time! Needless to say, I didn't complete the intended task after getting sidetracked with this little project. I haven't sewn down the button yet. I'm still deciding if I like it or not but with or without it I think this is just adorable.

I know everyone else if unveiling thier fall fabrics right now (It is after all nearly September) but when you live in the land of the perpetual flip-flop like I do it's ice cream sprinkles nearly all year long!!

There is a good reason God decided to give me two boys and not girls......I would NEVER get anything done. I would spend all my time making "girly" things.

I hope to have a couple just like this listed on the Ready To Ship page and my Etsy Store soon!


Mama Twila at the Twice Remembered Cottage said...

So adorable! I really like the little ruffles on the back - what a sweet touch!

I bookmarked the links you shared in your entry below - the ones with the cupcake liners...Those are so sweet and I will for sure be ordering from them! Thanks for the resource!

TwinMommy said...

Thank you mama twila!
We made good use of the liners this weekend and they were adorable and very festive with the blue and red!

Java Mama said...

Hi Heather -
It is Sam from GOMOTT (Erika & Ainslee's mom), only I am in Texas now. We moved in June. I have another little girl on the way! She is due at the end of October. I love, love, love the ruffle onsie and think I may have to order one! Are they in your ETSY shop? As always I think your stuff is great and I am so happy to hear you have a blog! What a great way to stay in touch! Talk to you soon - Sam

TwinMommy said...

Congratulations Sam!! I am so happy for you!
I'm glad you like the rufflers! They are soooo girly! I am working on a few now and they will be listed in my Etsy shop. I'll also have a few listed on the Ready To Ship page of the website soon too.
It's great to hear from you...congrats again on your baby girl!