Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ohh, that's what do you do with it?

Interesting question! Now that the Play Dots are making the rounds and there's quite a few available in the shop...I'm getting that question ALOT!

So here's my answer:

Well...if you have new little ones they are great for:

changing mat
pretty background for "just one more picture"
tummy time
a comfy place to lay on hardwood floors
burp cloth
nursing cover
fashionable spot to lay/sit at playgroup

And as they get a little older:
Mommy and Me Class
Baby Yoga
Tablecloth (for a picnic, restaurant or anywhere else you don't want food to "touch" the table!
Provides a clean spot to sit down ..... anywhere!
....still a nice blanket
drop cloth for messy eaters

so you see... there really isn't a simple answer! It's fun to come up with new ways to use it.
Do you have your Play Dot yet?

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