Tuesday, November 13, 2007

New Shopping Cart Cover

Updating the Busy Baby Shopping Cart Cover design is a project I have been working on for a little while now. I really wanted to find a way to make the cover more portable and much simpler to use. First on my list was to find a way to eliminate the need for a separate carrying bag for the cover. Now I know that there are a lot of covers out there that just roll into themselves and fit into an attached bag but I just felt like a little tweaking was in order!
So...after some trial and error I finally decided that my favorite solution was to have the cover roll up ( keeping the inside clean) and securing it with elastic straps. This allows you to use the seat belt (now included with the cover) as a carrying handle.
I like this version for several reasons:
*The included seat belt can be washed to keep it clean instead of using the one in the cart.
*The cover rolls into itself so the inside part that baby sits on stays clean.
*The elastic straps make it really simple and really quick to roll it up and secure.

So far the response has been really great! I think this design will be around for quite awhile.

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