Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Attention all Crafters.....

Hear ye, Hear ye....
Sew Mama Sew's November Handmade Holidays are underway!
If your the crafty type and your looking for some GREAT handmade gift ideas then be sure to check this out. Sew Mama Sew has put together an entire month's worth of great hand crafted gift ideas. You can view the site for a breakdown of daily tutorials...just click the link above!

Be sure and check out the Placemat Tutorials for today! The first one is mine....yeah!!
Thanks Sew Mama Sew for including me in your fantastic holiday promotion.


JIll from Rye, NY said...

HI -- I just found your blog via Sew Mama Sew and realized that you are the person who made my shopping cart cover! In fact, it just might be the one pictured below. I must tell you that I absolutely LOVE it. I appreciate the tweaks you mentioned below. The craftsmanship is superb. I bought it for my son Jack, 9 months, little brother to my twins, Max and Alex. I'm very impressed that you find time to sew with 2 year olds. I find very little crafting time with my brood. Perhaps when Jack finally starts sleeping through the night. Thank you so much for the wonderful cart cover. I will certainly be ordering others for friends. So nice to know who made it!

Jill from Rye, NY

kawaii crafter said...

great place mat tutorial, love the fabric selection

the lion costume below is adorable

TwinMommy said...

Hi Jill!
I'm so happy that you are enjoying your cart cover and I do think those pictures are actually of yours! How neat to have you here at the blog.
I'll look forward to having you back! It's always flattering to have repeat customers.

TwinMommy said...

Thanks Kawaii! Both my boys are still asking to wear thier Halloween costumes. Makes all that work worth it!